1. Managing Director
    NextThought is a premium online learning solutions company from the United States of America. We offer our partners a combination of technology, learning design services, and video production centered around content-based collaboration and online communities. Our learning management system was created to combine a unique blend of rich content and active engagement that provides a learner experience that is both personal and dynamic.
    Learning Platform
  2. Managing Director
    We provide learning design service for creating an online courses.
    Learning Design
Enhanced User Experience

Our learner-centric interface facilitates
intuitive learning and collaboration, and
is driven through the clean presentation of text and images, clear lesson overview pages, and consistent global navigation
 ​User Activity Report 
   We also provide user activity reports
for our partners. These are based on
different aspects of user participation
across the platform and can be
customized to user specifications.

 The NextThought platform features a
wide range of assessment types, and
our team of learning designers and
developers can also work to create
custom assessments and
interactivities to meet specific
assessment requirements.

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